Jet Lag Cures - 7 Rules for Just Saying No to Jet Lag

Inside of airplane

Who wants to get to the beach and feel like a disoriented, constipated grump-head?

Travel does not have to take all of the stuffing out of you.

There are a few basic travel-savvy jet lag cures and strategies that can keep you feeling more like a functional human and less like a depleted drone. It is all about circadian rhythms and, in my experience, a little self-trickery.

My husband for example, keeps his watch at the old time zone and checks in with himself (and me though I try to shut him down) to see where he would have been and compare it to where he is.

I say be here now and ignore that old reality as though your life depends upon it!

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And Now for the Jet Lag Cure List:

1.  Stay Hydrated. Drink drink drink. Two days pre-flight and during, sip hot water. Never alcohol and less coffee which can act as a diuretic. Add an Emergen-C packetto your room temp water.

2. Pre-Set:  Start to jiggle your schedule towards a sleep schedule closer to your destination in the week before travel.

3. Re-Set the Circadian rhythms:  Try Melatonin at least 3 days pre-travel – 10mg 20 minutes before sleep time. During your trip and once you've returned. Try homeopathic tablets (like Jet-Zone) in flight.

4. In-Flight Rules:

  • Lots of water and no alcohol.
  • Do deep breathing exercises periodically to keep the oxygen flowing. Check out this Well-Snap.
  • Get up and stretch:  do lunges in the aisle, side stretches, reach for the sky/reach for the toes. Alternate leg lifts. Shoulder rolls front and back. The staff and passengers will look at you oddly but ignore them!
  • Self massage the arms, legs shoulders and neck to keep circulatory system active. Use a lavender scented oil on feet (cover with socks) and neck.
  • Place a few drops of Nasya Oil on tip of pinky and insert into each nostril and ear canal to moisturize and keep bacteria from settling in on dried out passages.
  • Use Rosewater Saline Drops as often as you like to moisten and cool the eyes.
  • Spritz a Farmaesthetics facial tonic waters like rosewater on the face and neck to hydrate skin, follow with Tri-doshic Facial Oil or try the Tammy Fender Anti-Aging kit which has everything you need for travel and is super hydrating.

5. Eat Bananas! They are packed with melatonin, seratonin and magnesium.

6. The Elixir:  Take Travel Well Elixir drops to ease exhaustion, digestive issues and constipation and other disorienting effects of schedule and food changes.

7. Be on your new Time Zone and Move It, Move It: When you land get on your new schedule right away. Avoid that nap and stay exposed to natural sunlight. Get some exercise (a leisurely walk, swim in the sea, gentle flow yoga keeping your gaze down ward to promote grounding) and get a massage. I take my travel yoga mat everywhere I travel because it fits easily even when all I have is carry-0n and keeps me motivated on my very own little piece of home.

Here is a gross note that means keep washing your hands in flight:  A new study performed at Auburn University in conjunction with the FAA says that bacteria can stay alive and continue to be infectious for more than a week on the arm rests, seat pockets, seats and bathroom doors of commercial aircrafts. The dry air is said to contribute to their extra-long life on airplanes. Use Purell, wash with soap!

Post courtesy of LAH Life.