How to Recognize Truth

Man looking at airplanes

There was a man walking along a crowded street in New York City when something shiny in the gutter caught his eye. He bent down and picked up what looked like a diamond ring. He got very excited because he was down on his luck and in need of money. In fact, he hadn't yet fully come up with next months rent. Was this a sign from the universe? Would he be able to not only pay his rent but buy that car he'd had his eyes on?

The man hurriedly took the ring to a friend who used to be in the jewelry business to give it a look over. His friend studied the ring carefully then laughed an said, "This is cubic zarconia, you'd be lucky to get $10 for it." The man was disappointed and tossed it into his junk drawer.

One month later, the man was at a yard sale. He saw a diamond ring and purchased it on the spot for $75. The person selling the jewelry told him, it was his grandmothers ring and was probably worth a lot more than that. The man purchased the ring with the last bit of money he had thinking he could make at least some profit. He showed it to his same friend. The friend told him, this diamond was at least 2.5 carets and probably worth close to $10,000. The man locked it up in his desk drawer knowing that if he couldn't make his rent, he now had a back up plan. When next months rent was due he was indeed still short. He took the ring to a jeweler and the jeweler laughed. "$10,000! Are you kidding, you couldn't get $10 for this. It's a fake."

Many years later the man passed away and the diamond he'd found on the street and tossed into his junk drawer, was appraised. Turns out that diamond was worth $10,000.

The moral of the story...if you place your value in a fake thing you lose. If you don't place your value in a real thing you lose.

How do you make authentic transformation? Go deep inside and ask yourself..."Am I tossing the real thing into the junk drawer?" Am I ready to cash in on the real thing?

If you feel nervous, resistant, wanting to bolt after recognizing something real, it probably is. Truth means you're entering the unknown which can feel unsettling. It's also the only way for real transformation to occur. It takes guts and it takes desire. Life is short and precious.