For Real Returns, Invest in Yourself!

Man standing at the edge of a lake

What do you think about when you are asked about investing? Most likely your mind focuses on stocks and businesses, retirement funds, and the like. These thoughts are probably accompanied by a significant amount of anxiety and stress. Why is this? Such investments cause us to feel apprehensive because the outcome is not in our control - we are gambling. However, this does not have to be the case! Instead of living your life in anxiety, waiting for a check to arrive in the mail from some stock you invested in 10 years ago, have you ever thought about investing time and money in yourself? Whether it be a massage, certification program or yoga class, this type of small investment always yields big results because it brings you back to yourself! Any such investment is a conscious action to improve yourself so that you can better the world at large.

We seem to be so focused on outside things in our life that we forget to breathe, to take care of ourselves. The truth is, when you invest your time and money in yourself, YOU are the only one in control of the outcome! This is NOT a gamble! You have the wheel.

As easy and logical as this is, many still choose not to take care of themselves. Maybe it’s the feelings of unworthiness, the ego-consciousness telling us that we are not allowed to be healthy, rewarded or that we’re not good enough. Maybe when we start giving ourselves some of our time and money to embark on a journey of healing we are afraid of what we will find. Yes, suffering does exist; but love is surrounding all of the pains and experiences which you have suffered! Love - the light that shines through the darkness, illuminating your soul.

Use this idea to your benefit. Become aware of the moments where you under-value your worthiness. And when you notice your mind falling back into this habit, try this: CHOOSE to feel good. Invest two minutes of your time to look into the mirror and to repeat outloud, with spirit:

I AM worthy! I DO work well! I AM beautiful!! I deserve the best!

Invest in yourself. Gift yourself with a massage or a healing session. Meet with a life-coach to explore new directions in your life. Participate in an ABUNDANCE class where you will learn how to attract INIFINITE amounts of health, money and relationships into your life. Whichever service you choose, think of it as an investment of your time and money to aid in your healing. Perfect Health is your most valuable gift. When you are healthy in mind, body, and spirit, you cannot help but to FEEL GOOD! And when you feel good, good things happen! You will see a return in your time and money, and it will be double, triple, QUADRUPLE what you expected! As it is so, there is no other possible outcome because you are in control of your investment. You choose how to benefit from your healing. And so long as you choose to feel good, to be healthy, to live the life of your dreams, all that you ever wanted will be provided.

You are worthy. You are beautiful. You do deserve the best.

Wishing you the best possible circumstances and people in your life - you deserve it!