5 Simple Steps for a Super Detox

If you have FLC Syndrome (that’s when you feel like crap),
or you are a wholistic patient (you have a whole list of symptoms), or you want
to lose weight without cravings, hunger, eating as much as you want, then you
need a super simple strategy for a detox. 
This is based on my book The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet.  If you think you need a detox, or you just
want a powerful way to reboot quickly, then here’s a shortcut to feeling great.

Here’s a little secret that the diet and food industry, the
medical establishment, and Big Pharma don’t want you to know:

Most of us are only a few days away from health and

Even if you have a really bad case of FLC Syndrome (when you
Feel Like Crap) or even a chronic disease, food is the most powerful medicine
on the planet to fix it.  And it works
faster, better and is cheaper than any other medication.  A short 10 day detox is the best and most
direct route to feeling better and losing weight easily.

Here are 5 simple steps for a super detox:

Be a turkey (a cold one) and take a drug
holiday. There is no way to handle a true physiological addiction except
to stop it completely. Addicts can’t have just one line of cocaine or just one
drink. Go cold turkey. But you won’t have to white-knuckle it because when you
detox correctly, you will automatically reset your body’s neurotransmitters and
hormones. Stop all forms of sugar, all flour products, and all artificial
sweeteners. They all cause increased cravings and slow metabolism, and lead to
fat storage. This especially includes liquid sugar calories, which make you eat
more all day and drive storage of belly fat. Also get rid of anything with
trans or hydrogenated fats and MSG (watch for hidden names). Ideally, for 10
days you avoid any foods that come in a box, package or can or have a label,
and stick to real, whole, fresh food. And the best way to really detox is to
give up all grains for 10 days. Give up all drugs, too. Caffeine and alcohol
are the two biggest after sugar.

Power up the day with protein. Protein,
protein, protein at every meal, especially breakfast, is the key to balancing
blood sugar and insulin, cutting cravings, and providing your liver the raw
materials to optimally detoxify. Start the day with farm fresh eggs or a
protein shake. I recommend my Whole
Food Protein Shake
. Include nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, chicken or grass-fed
meat for protein at every meal. A serving size is 4 to 6 ounces or about the
size of your palm.

Eat unlimited carbs (the right ones). Yes,
that’s right. Unlimited carbs. Did you know that vegetables are carbs? And you
get to eat as much as you want. Unlimited refills! There is one catch. I only
mean the non-starchy veggies such as greens, the broccoli family (including
cauliflower, kale, and collards), asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, onions,
zucchini, tomatoes, fennel, eggplant, artichokes, and peppers. Sulfur-rich
cruciferous veggies, as well as onions and garlic provide additional detox power.

Fight sugar with fat. Fat is not a
four-letter word. Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does. Fat makes you full,
balances your blood sugar, and is necessary for fueling your cells. Along with
protein, have good fats at every meal and snack including nuts and seeds, extra
virgin olive oil, coconut butter, avocados, and omega-3 fats from fish.

Use friend power, not willpower. Extraordinary
new research shows that obesity is contagious. You are more likely to be
overweight if your friends are overweight than if your parents or siblings are
overweight. But health is contagious too. In a large social experiment I did
with my friend Rick Warren at Saddleback Church we got 15,000 people to lose
250,000 pounds in a year by doing the program together. They met in small
groups, helped, loved, and supported each other. And those who did it together
lost twice as much weight and got twice as healthy. I call it the Love Diet!
Every “body” needs a “buddy.” Find a friend or form a small group and do the
detox together.

If you’ve ever believed detox means drudgery, starvation or
otherwise suffering, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet will shift your
perspective and provide the pathway to weight loss and optimal health.

I do The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet four times a
year—not to lose weight, but to reboot my life. It’s like a vacation without
going anywhere. For me it’s a form of self-created paradise. I hope it is for
you, too!  And most importantly it tastes
great!  A previous participant called
this a “detox for foodies”!

To get a taste of the delicious foods that you can eat
during this detox, download my 10-Day Detox Starter Kit, which includes 28 unbelievably
yummy recipes.  In addition, you will
receive my 10-Day Detox Diet Roadmap, and 5 Tips to Eliminate Belly Fat.  Get started right now with your free download.