Corporate Wellness Challenge Ideas

People all giving the thumbs up

Wellness challenges can be held for any designated period of time. If you’re considering holding one, you should first decide what the goal of your challenge will be (e.g., losing weight, getting fit, etc.), then choose how long you want it to last (anywhere from one day to several months). Once you know what you want to do and how long it will last, brainstorm some ideas that will get your employees pumped!

Here are a few wellness challenges ideas to help get you started:

Goal: Weight loss
Duration: 3 months
Challenge: Put employees in teams and give each participant before and after biometric screenings, nutritional counseling, free unlimited access to local gyms, personal training sessions and a rigorous workout schedule. Use fitness bands to record each participant’s activities, then track employee progress by assigning points to every activity (e.g., number of classes taken, inches lost, steps taken, etc).

Tally up the points every two weeks; this keeps everyone motivated. When the three months are over, throw a party and hand out awards to each of the teams. Have prizes for a variety of different categories.

Goal: Get fit
Duration: Daily challenge
Challenge: Hold a company-wide “recess” where a variety of different stations are set up. Have employees pair up and time their partner in completing the most sit-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, etc. in 60 seconds. After each 60-second increment is completed, write each participant’s time on the board next to their name. Then switch off so the partner can participate, too.

Hand out prizes to the best performing pair overall. And keep the excitement going by rewarding individuals, too. This daily activity could be turned into a weekly (or even monthly) challenge by carrying over the daily scores until the designated time has passed.