4 Reasons to Give Acupuncture a Try

Acupuncture needles

Have you heard about the benefits of acupuncture?  Many people know that acupuncture, which increases circulation and stimulates the body’s own healing process, helps with back pain. But this 3,000 year-old medicine has been used for many more ailments than just back pain. Keep reading for more reasons to give Acupuncture a try.

1.  Acupuncture is Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammatory diseases and conditions cause many people stress and discomfort in their daily lives and most turn to
pharmaceuticals; a lot of people however don’t think about acupuncture. Continuing research and study has shown
acupuncture to be an effective way of treating inflammatory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis and rheumatoid arthritis among other painful conditions. Acupuncture helps to control neuropeptides (chemical signals in the brain) which are hypothesized to regulate the process of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory reactions in the body. If you are looking for a way to avoid the pharmacy and a pill every time one of these conditions flares up make an appointment with us and break free of these problems. Source. 

2.  Acupuncture Effectively Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A study comparing the effects of acupuncture on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) against the effects of steroids used to treat the same condition found that both had significant beneficial results. There were few ways in which the two differed except that the acupuncture group reported less nocturnal awakening than the steroid group and the acupuncture group reported a significant decrease in distal motor latency (the time between nerve stimulation and reaction). The study concluded that acupuncture was just as effective as prescribed steroid use and in some ways had less adverse effects and side effects. CTS can be an uncomfortable and crippling issue for people working on the computer, musicians, and other people who use their hands in work. Source.

3.  Acupuncture is Beneficial in Treating Neck Pain and Injuries

Recent studies have shown that Acupuncture to the neck can help restore proper spinal curvature after injuries. Not only
does acupuncture help recovery from injuries to the spine but has proven to be very helpful against degenerative spinal
disc disorders. One study specifically found that acupuncture significantly helps with curative effects related to Cervical
Spondylosis. Cervical Spondylosis is a condition attributed to the excess wearing down of cartilage and bones in the neck and can be a leading cause of Chronic Neck pain. If you are suffering from Chronic Neck Pain then make an appointment with us and we can pin point your path to recovery. Source.

4.  Acupuncture Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Heart health in America today is a big issue and millions of people find themselves taking pills every day to regulate their blood pressure. Blood pressure to the heart is one of the most important cardiovascular functions and when it’s not watched can lead to serious health risks. Conventional medication has proven ineffective for some so researchers are looking for new ways to treat the growing problem of high blood pressure. Recent studies have revealed that acupuncture has significant statistical data proving it to be effective in reducing blood pressure. In this study acupuncture helped reduce ischemia.  Ischemia is the lack of oxygen to the heart which occurs when blood vessels are blocked. If you have high blood pressure consult an acupuncturist and take steps to seriously improve your heart health. Source.