The Future Looks BOLD

We’re spending the year celebrating what makes each of our 35,000 clients BOLD—and kicked off our celebrations by holding a photo contest.

Thirty-five MINDBODY clients submitted photos to show what makes their business BOLD, and we randomly selected three winners.

Being His Own Hero

Al Maxey, owner of Fauquier Family Fitness in Warrenton, Virginia, believed that he needed to be his own hero to save his own life.

“I was over 300 pounds and in very poor health, living ’the American dream‘with a high-paying tech job, a big house, lots of excess all around me, but extreme stress.  Long story short, something cracked and I realized that I was dying and needed to dig my way out.  This photo, about 18 months later, was me banging out my first triathlon—by this point I had already ridden thousands of miles on a bike, raced, run hundreds of miles, finished my first marathon, and was leading a group of new runners in training for their first 5K.”

Changing Lives Through Dance

Elisa DeFoe, owner of Dance Trance Orlando, found that sharing fitness with the members of her studio makes her happiest.

The women of Dance Trance Orlando make me so happy—endless enthusiasm for a dance program that’s changed so many lives. You can’t beat that.”

Working for More than a Fit Body

Jennier Schoool, owner of Pink Lemon Studio in Wentzville, Missouri, knows that being a BOLD business owner is about more than just what she does by herself.

“Training for pole creates not only a fit body, but also friendship and camaraderie between students and staff. We have a passion for pole fitness!”