Sutra Midtown: Releasing Negativity and Embracing Love

We recently welcomed our 25,000th subscriber to MINDBODY.  To celebrate, we’re featuring five clients whose lives have changed since they became MINDBODY clients.

Located in the heart of Midtown Phoenix, Sutra Midtown is a five-time award winning studio, owned and operated by Rebecca and Matthew Fritz and their four children.  Sutra represents the highest quality of collective services essential for optimal health. Their commitment to personal wellness includes a diverse offering of vinyasa yoga classes, Skullpt-Pilates and therapeutic massage therapy. Sutra also runs their own yoga teacher training program, a community art gallery, the Alley Boutique, and the Chop Shop Café (specializing in raw juice, local espresso, and farm fresh creations). Sutra provides a secure, lively, ego-free environment with an admirable goal: remember to have fun, live loudly, and experience the importance of your health.

Rebecca and Matthew wanted to create an environment where their entire family could work and play together, and that’s what they did.

“Sutra allowed us to bring all of our passions into one nourishing venue where all four of our young children could assist us in servicing our community.”

They keep themselves organized and sane with a little positive thinking and MINDBODY. At first, they simply utilized MINDBODY’s online scheduler to manage classes. They quickly expanded, and began incorporating a much larger percentage of its capabilities into the studio. Today, MINDBODY not only manages their yoga, Pilates, and massage programming, but it’s also essential in assisting them as they oversee class sales, attendance, membership, workshops and appointments, individual class data, instructor performance, payroll, and sales reports. It also manages the sales and inventory of both their Chop Shop Café and boutique.

“The best part about owning Sutra is witnessing when our actions result in a positive change in someone’s life.”

Being able to offer the community a life-altering experience, whether through one of their services or by simply creating a loving environment where people can come to release negativity and embrace love, is what Midtown Sutra lives for.

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