Opening a New Business: No Experience Needed

It takes drive to start a business and when you’re struggling with depression, maintaining the necessary go-get-it attitude is no small feat. Becky Stone knew that she had to overcome these struggles if she wanted to follow her dreams. In spite of mood swings and the intimidating fact that she had no past business experience, Becky was determined to turn her passion for yoga into a successful business venture.

Becky had struggled with depression since she was a teenager and had tried everything from therapy to conventional medicine to treat her mood swings. With these efforts and the support of her family she had been able to get by, but was still far from happy. Actively searching for alternative solutions, Becky discovered yoga and finally found peace.

Starting with a just a pack of DVDs in her living room, Becky’s curiosity continued to grow, which eventually led her to begin taking yoga classes. After becoming a wife and mother of two young children, her priorities shifted and she decided it was time to quit her current job of waiting tables and focus on a career.

“I was looking to get a mechanical design degree and sort of realized that I wanted to live a little more organically.”

Becky decided to open a yoga studio. “I took out a piece of paper and wrote a date on it. That was the date I would open my new studio.” That date, July 2012, came and went and Becky’s heart sank as it passed. Unwilling to give up, Becky continued to look into what it would take to open a yoga studio.

Later that month she received a phone call from Wade, a businessman who ran a property management company in the area. Becky had been referred to Wade as someone interested in opening a yoga studio. “He came to me through word of mouth. I’d been teaching yoga out of my home and around the community for a year and a half and had built enough of a reputation that someone knew my name.”

Becky realized she had finally found what she needed—a partner with a strong background in business management. Four months after meeting Wade, they opened their first yoga studio together, Pranava Yoga. As new business owners, they quickly realized the need for business management software. After researching their options they went with MINDBODY yoga studio software and haven’t looked back.

Their favorite MINDBODY feature is AutoPay, which allows them to easily take and track their students’ payments. “Since using MINDBODY’s AutoPay feature, we’ve been able to stabilize and double our monthly income.”

Becky has been in business now for two years and is keeping her depression at bay. She and her partner are enjoying their journey as new business owners, feeling very optimistic about the future of Pranava Yoga.

This blog post is the third in our series on opening new businesses.