Meet Jobst Olshewski from Cape CrossFit

When Jobst Olshewski founded Cape CrossFit in 2009, he faced a challenge that few people had before: he was opening the second box on the African continent when the other box was more than 1,000 kilometers away. Jobst, however, didn’t think of it as a challenge, but as an opportunity.

“This was a great opportunity of assisting in getting the community started in the best way possible.”

To determine the best way to run his new business, Jobst traveled to the U.S. and Europe to meet with current box owners. He was determined to find what made the best gyms great and took some of the things that he learned on his travels and implemented them at Cape CrossFit, including using MINDBODY as his scheduling and business management software.

“A few friends of mine have used MINDBODY and recommended it to me. It has helped greatly in keeping track of membership and with reports.”

He didn’t expect to become the best gym in South Africa. His goal was simply to be the best that he could be.  Four years later, and it’s clear that he’s reached his goal. As the owner of Cape CrossFit, Jobst has worked with many of the athletes who have stood on the podium, including the last 3 female regional winners from Africa: Carla Nunes da Costa, Rika Diedericks, and Mona Pretorius; as well as 3 team and 2 men’s podium finishes. For Jobst, that’s one of the most rewarding parts of owning a gym.

“These athletes dedicate such a huge part of their lives to this and it is very rewarding and exciting being able to assist them achieve their dreams.”

Although he won’t be competing in Carson himself, Jobst will be there cheering on Carla and helping with the Games in any way that he can, either as a judge or a volunteer. Although he doesn’t know where the future will take his gym, Jobst has led Cape CrossFit to a second location and an expansion on its original location. The sport itself has grown in Cape Town from 1 gym in 2012 to 14 today, almost half of which are run by former athletes of Cape CrossFit.  But Jobst isn’t upset about the growth.

“I am extremely proud of all our trainers and staff at Cape CrossFit who helped make this happen.”

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Here at MINDBODY, we love celebrating our clients' accomplishments. In June and July, we are celebrating a few of our 89 clients who reached the 2013 Games.