Making Her Business a Knockout

People are often surprised to hear that two-time Chicago Golden Gloves recipient Jessica Storch was never a tomboy. “I wasn’t one of those kids who went around starting fights, and outside of sports I really wasn’t very aggressive.”

Starting off small and eventually achieving her goal of opening a gym, Jessica started Knockout Women’s Boxing Club, where she helps women get and stay physically and emotionally healthy. “When I first opened my business, people had to hold their spots in class. I was writing stuff out on a piece of paper and putting it on a calendar.”

As her membership grew, Jessica quickly realized she needed something more than pen and paper to help manage her schedule. And, because more people meant more activity to track, writing things down was no longer going to work.

“Since I started using MINDBODY I now have a steady flow of income, understand how to track and use my data, and have a new user-friendly website my clients love.”

Discover how Jessica successfully went from being stuck in her business to now being able to work on her business.