Keep Track of it All Like Family First Martial Arts

After helping open and run several other martial arts facilities, Larry and Dani Kooyman decided that when the time came, it only made sense to open up a martial arts facility of their own. With a passion for martial arts, they opened Family First Martial Arts in middle Tennessee to use martial arts to change the lives of others and serve their community.

“We are inspired by watching our student’s confidence grow, as well as watching them develop into strong leaders as that confidence continues to grow. We love finding new and innovative ways to accomplish this.”

Conveniently located next to a specialized sports performance facility, they are able to work together with them to constantly come up with fresh drills and exercises that help improve performance and skill. Family First Martial Arts is also a part of an organization called “The One Hundred.” Through their experiences with this organization over the past 7 years, Larry and Dani have had to opportunity to meet many other great and inspiring school owners and martial artists across the country.

“As a school owner, we have been very blessed and have experience a lot of growth. Because of this, we have been able to employ some of the greatest bunch of martial artists.”

Larry and Dani credit MINDBODY for the help it has contributed to their growing facility.

“We had tried several other well-known front desk software programs at other schools we’ve previously worked with and hadn’t had a great experience with them. Our friend, Danny Sikkens at Aim High Martial Arts Academy, raved about his experience with MINDBODY. So we gave it a try and knew right away we were going to love it.”

The flexibility and many features MINDBODY offers are what help Larry and Dani remain organized and sane as they run their own facility.

“We use MINDBODY to schedule appointments, keep track of current and new students, send appointment reminders and birthday notes, and streamline the billing process. We are easily able to set up auto-payments and sell retail, as well as easily track our sales.”

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