Keep it Organized Like Integrative Healing Institute

In 2002, two therapists shared one big dream—opening a wellness center that was serene, supportive and functional. Kim Krost and Elizabeth Reedy turned their dream into a reality when they opened Integrative Healing Institute.

“We knew therapists would benefit from working in a cooperative-type atmosphere where many of the front office services could be shared, like scheduling and payment services.”

Because of this, they decided to turn to MINDBODY for all their front desk needs.

“We switched to MINDBODY to organize our classes, appointments and retail—all together in one place. We needed a program that would allow us to keep all of our clients and classes organized.”

Not only do Kim and Elizabeth love working with other therapists and wellness practitioners who share their ideals of helping people and creating a peaceful and relaxing environment, but they’re also inspired by the amazing clients they have the opportunity to work with.

“Every time a client tells us that one of our products or services has changed their life for the better, we know that we chose the right path for our business and for ourselves.”

Keep an eye out for Kim and Elizabeth at the many community events they attend in San Antonio, Texas, as well as their weekly blog posts on their website, teaching people about the services they offer and how each aims to achieve optimal health.

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