How the BOLD Business of the Year Found Real Results

Winning awards and getting recognized for your success does more than just boost your confidence—it validates that all the blood, sweat and tears it took to follow your passion were worth it in the end.

When Real Results Fitness opened in Las Vegas in 2012, the gym used borrowed equipment and bartered memberships to get the business off the ground. Its founders, Paul Rosenburg and Branden Collinsworth had a vision to create a gym focused on community, and they used every penny they had to launch it.

Now, Real Results is one of the most popular gyms in Las Vegas, but they never compromised their mission: to provide a culture that creates a lifestyle of greater health, fitness and personal growth through commitment and community service. For their determination to succeed and faith in their mission, Real Results Fitness was named the BOLD Business of the Year at the 2015 BOLD conference.

The Real Results Team winning their BOLD Business of the Year Award

When you ask Real Results CEO Bryan Nelson and Chief Operations Manager Marc Floyd about winning the BOLD Award for Business of the Year today, both remain surprised and humbled.

“It put us on cloud nine,” Bryan and Marc explained. “We were able to know we were on the right track.”

That track has seen them grow to more than 300 members since 2012—growth that caused them to double their space in 2014, start Las Vegas’s largest obstacle course training team, run a monthly yoga and craft beer event and launch their own charity, Jump for Joy.

Despite their early success, the Real Results team knew there was always more to learn about running a business. With that in mind, they attended the BOLD conference in 2014 and 2015. While there, they spent time networking with other attendees, most notably with the team from Faster Fitter Stronger (FFS) in Dublin, Ireland.

“We met Rory of FFS the first year we attended BOLD and then again last year. We now do gym vs. gym challenges between our studio and FFS through social media.”

From taking home the BOLD Business of the Year award to the new friendships, the BOLD conference rewarded REAL RESULTS Fitness in numerous ways and they’re quick to recommend the experience to others: “Do it. There’s nothing to lose and you will be surprised by how much you get out of it.”

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