Her Enlightenment Made Business Sense

After spending two years in over 20 different countries, Rachel Roberts was ready to take on the challenge of opening her own studio. “I wanted to create the kind of community I had experienced abroad, back home in the states.” And that’s just what she did.

After returning to America, Rachel found an old space that was once used as a cabaret nightclub and turned it into The Yoga Bar, serving coconut water and kombucha from a thirty-foot mahogany antique bar.

Starting out offering only fifteen classes and teaching fourteen of them, it wasn’t long before Rachel’s business began to solidify and she became more confident in its future. “I was still a small studio and didn’t have a full-time staff. I wanted to offer my students the ability to buy their class passes and preregister online because I didn’t have the time to do it myself.”

Having used MINDBODY as a consumer and liking the conveniences it offered, she decided to look into what she could do with it as a business owner. “I was excited to be able to offer my students the ability to book classes online while easily accomplishing what I needed to do to run my business. I can review financial reports, run payroll and check people in all from the same place because everything is integrated—and that saves me a lot of time.”

Rachel also found that having two locations in two different states was a bit of a challenge. “I’m a yoga teacher, so having to deal with all the legalities and accounting parts of running two studios isn’t something that comes super naturally to me. With MINDBODY, it’s so much easier to manage my day-to-day operations because I now have the tools I need to do it.”

Read Rachel’s story and learn how she transformed The Yoga Bar into two thriving locations.