He Went Looking for a Gym, but Found the Circus Instead

Class at Flying Fantastic

Chris and his wife, Edel, were living in London, working full-time and going about life on autopilot. Tired of the monotonous routine, they decided to take some time off and work for a charity in Argentina.

Between educating the local children and building sustainable housing, Chris began looking for a gym. During his search, he met a gentleman who told him about circus training and suggested Chris try it. His first reaction was, “No, I don’t think so. I can’t even do a forward roll!” But after receiving an offer for a free class, his curiosity got the better of him.

Three months later, Chris was sold on the idea of circus training as a recognized form of fitness. He told us, “I didn’t realize how effective it was until I looked down one day and discovered I had a six-pack. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never had one of those before!”

After spending about nine months in Argentina, Chris received a job offer he couldn’t refuse, bringing him and his wife back to London. Upon returning home, he immediately began looking for a place to continue his unique fitness regimen.

While searching, he discovered that each venue operated as a school, preparing people for performances, rather than focusing on fitness. This disappointed Chris because he was more concerned with enjoying the movements than pointing his toes.

He didn’t settle for what was available. Instead, he decided there was an opportunity for something new and opened his own circus training venue, where pointed toes were more of an option than a necessity.

This past year (2014), Chris and his wife increased their revenue by 83%, brought their online bookings to 97%, and have 44% of their students attending regularly.

This is just the beginning of Flying Fantastic's story.

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