Getting Back in the Box

Claude LeBlanc-Bazinet returned home to Montreal, Canada, after spending six months in Honduras working as a trauma nurse. “I had gained forty pounds while in Central America, so I started box training with my sisters [Rachel and Camille] only to realize how much fun it was.”

After getting the entire family involved, Claude and two of her siblings, Rachel and Alexis Leblanc-Bazinet, decided to open their own box. Funded by their grandmother, the trio successfully opened CrossFit Brossard in 2010.

Six months after opening their doors, childhood friend Maxime “Max” Casazant joined their team. “Max was born with a heart defect, so no one wanted to train him. My brother finally convinced him to start box training, and he’s been doing it ever since. We love being able to show people that regardless of their condition, they can do it. Max is proof of that.”

Between the four of them, membership grew quickly, making it increasingly difficult to manage everyone’s schedule. “We started out using a book where we would ask every member when they planned on coming back and write in the day and time.” That was when the phone calls started. “We were spending so much time on the phone making appointment changes, that it was taking away from training time.”