Finding Balance

Marlow McShan is a hard worker, and single father of two children. When it comes to his business, prioritizing his time between work and family is of paramount importance. “Sometimes it seems like it would be awesome to be this superman and just make a lot of money, but in the end my family is what matters most.”

Having worked all his life from dawn to dusk, Marlow has found his balance between running a business and spending time with his family. What’s his secret? Setting goals, creating a realistic schedule to achieve those goals and using business management software to keep everything in order.

“I knew that if I wanted to work less and spend more time with my family, I had to make some changes.” Marlow sat down and determined how many clients he would need to bring in the amount of revenue it would take to achieve his goal. He then created a strategy that focused on investing instead of selling. “My clients are my friends and I treat them that way. For those who have been with me at least five years, I send them flowers for their birthdays rather than a month of free service. I find they appreciate that more because it’s personal.”

Marlow started with a small room he called a box and exercise equipment he had found in the newspaper. He worked a steady job to pay for his passion, helping others get healthy. “My two goals have always been to spend more time with my family and to help people achieve a higher quality of life.”

Driven by passion he pressed on, eventually growing his business to the point where he had enough customers that pen and paper no long worked. He needed a way to allow his clients to search, book and pay for his services while on his website. After searching a while, he finally found the software that offered his clients the convenience they wanted and the tracking he needed.

“MINDBODY software is all automated. I don’t have to do everything anymore. I can just set things up to do what I want and it does it for me.”

Marlow’s excited about being able to offer Marlow’s Movement, a customized weight loss program with participants from all over the nation. The winners receive an all-expense-paid trip to Cancun.

“Now people can just visit my website and sign up. I’ve created convenience for my clients and doubled my income in just three years.”

Thrilled about being able to achieve his goals, Marlow has high expectations for the future of his business, Marlow’s Fitness, and is eager to have even more time to spend with his family.

“My biggest goal, what I’m getting ready to do, is to have even more time to spend with my two children. I wouldn’t have the time if it weren’t for the revenue and I wouldn’t have the revenue if it weren’t for the help of MINDBODY.”

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