Finding and Sharing Happiness through Pilates

Amanda Rhine traded in her days working as a social worker for a more holistic career when she opened her studio, Discover Happy, as a wellness coaching center. She wanted to help coach people to define and develop their individual happiness. But as Amanda completed her Pilates training, she found that Pilates was the key to connecting emotions to somatic responses, producing ultimate wellness.

And after a local studio decided to close its doors a year after her Pilates training was complete, she decided there was no better time for her to connect her love for Pilates and passion for wellness coaching and opened Discover Happy Pilates Studio.

Now a studio providing not only classical mat and reformer training, but also Demi-Bar Pilates and Pilates Stick workouts, she has a space of her own where she can create the healing energy she desires.

In the summer of 2013, Amanda began soul searching and developed an interest in the origins of Pilates. That interest combined with her creativity as an artist, led her to design a shirt for all Pilates enthusiasts—one that would contribute to deeper conversations about the origins of Pilates.

“I felt it would give the Pilates enthusiast pride in the rich history, understanding of its method and bring life to the practice.”

She hopes that this t-shirt will not only inspire her Pilates students, but all of those who love Pilates and to encourage them to remember the true origins of Pilates.

Looking ahead, Amanda sees more clients seeking the quality of careful instruction and details in the movements. Mirroring her artistic side, she is creating a new program called “Movement Abstracted,” a program that integrates Pilates influenced movement with artistic expression.

How does Amanda have enough time to run a studio, teach classes, design shirts and create new programs all on her own? She counts on MINDBODY to keep her on the mat and be more present with her clients. Starting with 20 clients and growing to nearly 300 in just two years, she needed a system and would grow with her.

“When clients can schedule and pay without emailing and calling for reservations, it takes a huge load off my mind. If I would have started with pen and paper, I would have been a terrible mess.”

MINDBODY software can help you find happiness in your Pilates studio. Take a tour today.