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Embracing Change

Scottish native and frequent marathon runner, Sally Chamness, is particularly talented at healing others with massage. And when it comes to her clients, she’s very attuned to their wants and needs. “I had a vision from the get-go that I wanted to make my clients’ experience as pleasant as possible.” To do that she knew she needed to provide her customers the convenience only technology could offer.

“I came from the IT industry so I was quite into technology. I’m not a big fan of using the phone or working face-to-face to make appointments. I like just being able to look up what I need online and if I can book it then and there, that’s perfect.”

Sally found that her clients feel the same when it comes to booking and paying online. When asked how she’s able to stay so in tune with her customers she said, “I talk to them and keep track of the emails they send. If they give me a suggestion for my business I add it to my list. If five or more people suggest the same thing I offer an unofficial trial for a week. If it works, we roll it out.”

Sally also uses Constant Contact, Facebook, her website and a monthly newsletter to announce new promotions, deals and services. “This helps build my mailing list and keeps my customers informed.”

Several of her customers have work schedules outside of the typical nine to five and want the convenience of viewing her availability on her website. So Sally began to research spa and massage management software. She wanted something that would offer her clients the convenience they were looking for and provide the backend support she needed to run her business.

Most of the software options Sally found were too simplistic, offering piecemealed versions of what she wanted. That’s when she discovered MINDBODY, the only option that offered her customers the ability to search her schedule, book services and pay online—all in one place without ever having to pick up the phone.

Sally enjoys offering her customers other conveniences through MINDBODY as well, like membership packages and special offers. “I use everything from gift cards to customizable reports to payment processing. And with the AutoPay feature I know that my clients are taken care of every month.”

With MINDBODY’s reports, Sally is able to arrange her schedule at Wee Sally to offer services to clients based on their needs. She’s also able to track gift card sales, membership package usage and the number of redeemed promotional offers. This information allows her to make informed decisions about which products and services to offer or discontinue.

“Whether you’re starting out small or plan to grow, MINDBODY does everything. That’s what I love about it. I can scale my business up at any time because all the features I’d need are already there.”

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