Changing Women's Lives One Workout at a Time

Michelle Wright’s journey as a business owner began after she had her children.

“I had enjoyed attending the gym to help deal with post-natal depression and decided to become a PT that specializes in pregnant and post-natal women.”

Over time, Michelle, or Mish as her friends and clients call her, wrote a curriculum for fitness and created a program called mishfit mothers that educates women on safe exercise and rehabilitating their pelvic floor during and after pregnancy. Then in 2010, Mish decided to share her business model with others and franchised mishfit. As 2014 begins, mishfit has seven franchises in over 10 locations in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Mish couldn’t be happier with the spread of her business. “In Australia, nearly 50% of postnatal women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction,” Mish said. “We know that engaging in exercise while pregnant and postnatal is not only good for babies, but good for us, physically and mentally. I believe that we enable women to be able to navigate any exercise option safely after learning the skills at mishfit.”

All of this growth would not have been possible if Mish’s husband hadn’t helped her move her business records online. “Several years ago when I first started my business, I used to monitor all my clients bookings and payments in the ‘red book,’” Mish said. “My husband made it his goal for me to find another way to that was much more efficient. Imagine if I lost my red book!”

Mish’s husband ultimately recommended MINDBODY, which Mish and her franchisees all use now. Just like mishfit helps strengthen the bodies of postnatal women, MINDBODY helps strengthen mishfit.

“As my business grows, I am always finding more ways in which MINDBODY is able to support that growth and provide an easy to use interface for both my franchisees and our clients.”

If you’d like to learn more about Mish and mishfit, you can visit their website here.