Business Advice, Brewed in Small Batches

Yogis don’t often get their best ideas in the grocery store, but Ryan Esdohr credits a trip to the grocer's as the inspiration for his yoga podcast, Locally Brewed Yoga.

Ryan was shopping for his favorite beer when he realized that he could only find it in his local grocery store because his community created enough demand for the product.

“I realized that if small groups, clubs, and communities make enough buzz about something and ask for it, things happen. I realized yoga was like that and I wanted to share that idea.”

Ryan decided that he wanted to find yoga teachers and studios that were making a difference in their local communities

Ryan began seeking out yoga teachers and studios where making a difference in their local communities, but not necessarily showing up on the Internet.

“Sometimes yoga teachers aren’t good at social media or online advertising. A lot of them do outreach and that’s where they spend their time.”

Some of the yoga instructors that Ryan has interviewed have made a big impact in their communities, including Dan Houston, a yoga instructor at Big Yoga Houston and co-founder of In-Powered, a non-profit dedicated to using the sharing the practice of yoga to those in need.

As Locally Brewed Yoga has grown, Ryan has discovered that his listeners are giving him leads about instructors making a difference, as well as learning more about how to run a yoga studio.

“I find people who are having successes in their business. It’s a learning tool,” Ryan says.

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