BOLD-ly Giving Back to Their Community: Greenmonkey Yoga

For over ten years, greenmonkey yoga has given back to their community—from fundraising for local causes in Southwest Florida to supporting a yoga teacher in Kenya. In recognition for their passion for charitable giving and events, greenmonkey was given the Most Compassionate Business Award at the 2015 BOLD conference.

YogaCAN, one of the many events greenmonkey participated in during 2015, united yoga studios from around Naples, Florida, to bring 140 yogis together to raise over $62,000 for the Cancer Alliance of Naples.

For Angela Goodner, former manager of greenmonkey and 2015 BOLD conference attendee, winning the Most Compassionate Business Award is about more than just the business: it’s a celebration of the accomplishments of the community.

“Winning this award meant the opportunity to recognize the community, not greenmonkey yoga, but the members of our community.”

Eager to give something back to the community that had given so much to greenmonkey, Angela attended the 2015 BOLD conference to learn new ideas that would improve greenmonkey.

“The opportunity for me to speak to a peer group, not someone who runs a different kind of business and uses different software, but to talk to people who are in the thick of it—people who are as immersed in it as much as I am—was incredible.”

From taking home the BOLD Award for Most Compassionate Business to continuously supporting and growing the community they love, greenmonkey yoga had a rewarding experience at the BOLD Conference in many ways.

“Everything was such a rich opportunity, and I was able to bring it back to my community. And did I mention it was fun?”

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