BodyScapes Fitness: Being Proud of Building a Community

When personal training was in its infancy in 1997, Rob Shapiro left his job as the general manager of a Boston gym and decided to join forces with business partners Alan Smith and David Fine to oversee BodyScapes Fitness Centers, a fitness facility brand of full-service and One2One BodyScapes, centers that focus only on personal training. Shapiro also began to oversee various franchise operations designed to spread the personal training concept across the United States.

“The best part about owning and operating a business has been observing its growth. When we opened BodyScapes Fitness, we took a risk, but our commitment and passion landed us where we are today.”

BodyScapes Fitness loves the ability MINDBODY offers to be constantly connected with their members. With members ranging from on-the-go professionals to busy stay-at-home moms, clients of BodyScapes Fitness appreciate the capability of joining a class or booking an appointment right at their fingertips, and continue to tell them how much they enjoy the convenience.

“One of my favorite things to do is to stand out on the main floor of our facilities. The hard work and dedication I witness from the BodyScapes Fitness staff reinforces how proud I am to be able to deliver a service that improves the overall health and well-being of our members.”

BodyScapes Fitness is inspired by being a part of the community at each of their New England and New York locations, and to be able to provide a helping hand in times of need. They strive to get to know each of their members personally and treat them as family. After the Boston Marathon, they began fundraising for one of their members who was injured in the bombings. Witnessing the entire BodyScapes community coming together to support another member was a rewarding experience for Rob, Alan and David.

“It was a moment where I could truly sit back and reflect on how proud I am to have built a business that cares and supports its members.”

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