Assess the present. Determine the future.

Twenty-five-year business veteran Trish Freeman began her entrepreneurial journey as a fitness instructor at the age of twenty-one. Over the course of a few years, she went from gym manager to owner to now franchiser. Trish quickly learned that, to have a successful business, she had to have the right tools in place for measuring progress.

In 2004, she had developed a new center that offered members more than just gym classes and equipment. Customers can now enjoy a day spa and salon or host business meetings in any one of the available conference rooms. With a new, unique combination of services, Trish decided it was time to rebrand with a fresh look that better described her business and gave it a new name, Oxigen.

Oxigen has since earned a great deal of recognition and prestigious awards for the unique experience it offers its members. “Our mission is to enhance people’s lives in a way that’s specific to their needs. That’s why I felt it was important to offer more than what you’d typically find in a gym. But I wouldn’t have been able to do that without having a way to track and measure things like sales, membership and promotional engagement. That’s why I use MINDBODY.”

Trish tracks her daily operations with MINDBODY gym management software. “I use MINDBODY for everything. Its reports keep me in the know when it comes to what’s happening in my business. I also train all of my staff on how to use it, because the quality of the data is only as good as the information entered in.”

Trish runs daily reports to keep track of things like new memberships, sales, referrals and contact log entries. This information arms her with the tools she needs to gauge the health of her business and make decisions about future products and services.

Emails are another way Trish stays informed. “I copy myself on every new client email so I know when new contracts are being signed. Between status emails and the client logs I’m able to reach out to specific members with promotions, discounts and upsells individualized to their specific needs.”

And because a business only operates as well as its team, it’s important to know what your team is doing so you can better understand what they need. Trish provides her staff with checklists for various procedures to help them keep track of tasks they’ve completed and make it easy for teammates to determine a project’s status. She also reviews the client logs within the MINDBODY software to ensure that employees are filling in the appropriate fields and that all entries are being made correctly.

When hiring, Trish only employs staff that support and live out her company’s core values. She also trains her employees to work as a team and gives them the tools they need to effectively do their jobs. “We build leaders because we can’t grow a successful business without a solid team. When you invest in your employees, you’re investing in the future of your company. You’re also recognizing and honoring your staff’s capabilities, which makes them feel fulfilled. And happy employees stick around and do a good job.”

By running daily and monthly reports and collecting client information via emails, Trish is able to accurately assess the health of her business. And by properly training and empowering her employees, Trish ensures that the correct procedures for measuring her business’s success are consistently followed.

“Oxigen has grown so much over the last fifteen years, and I’m excited to finally be at the point where I can license out my brand. I feel confident in our ability to grow with the support of MINDBODY’s gym management software.”

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