Always More to Learn: Take It from a Four-Time MBU Alum

While we love getting to meet new clients at each of our MINDBODY University events, some of our attendees have joined us at multiple MBUs. At MBU Delray Beach, FL, one of our attendees, Andrea Von Behren of Body Language Fitness and Yoga in Commerce Township, Michigan, was at her fourth MBU since 2011. I was able to sit down with Andrea and talk about what she finds so valuable about making the trip to MBU.

What would you say is the biggest takeaway from MBU?
The biggest takeaway is restructuring our sales process to upsell our new members from new member specials to another membership. Then, hiring the right person to implement this process and refining the process we have in place.
What percent change (increase or decrease) in revenue have you had since attending MBU? What do you attribute that to?
Two years ago, we dramatically changed our pricing based on advice from Beverley Murphy. We got rid of the first visit free, created a new member special that had irresistible pricing (30 days for $39), and implemented a three-month and a one-year AutoPay.  The result was that after three years of zero increase in revenue, we increased our sales by 34%. Considering that we are an established business that’s been in business for 17 years, 34% represented a huge growth in revenue!

What percent change in retention have you had since attending MBU? What do you attribute that to?
We really haven't seen much of a change in retention, but we feel this may be in large part because we haven't had the right person and/or the right process in place to upsell our clients, which is our main objective and takeaway from this year’s conference.  So, ask me again in a year, and I'm sure like everything else MINDBODY encourages us to do, our numbers will improve.

What marketing efforts have you found to be most successful?
Social media (Facebook, Twitter and blogs) and online marketing such as website improvements, eblasts and newsletters.
Any specific marketing effort you found to work really well and why?
Branding our printed material so there is some community recognition of Body Language.

Is there any other improvement in your business you'd like to share?
We learned that if one person isn't it charge of marketing, no one is in charge.
We’ve also learned that using the businesses that MINDBODY partners with improves business practices. Perkville keeps existing clients happy, Healcode creates widgets within our website, Listen360 offers us survey/feedback info, and this year we are giving LiveEdit Aurora a chance to redesign our website.

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