A Ten-Second Decision that Lasts a Lifetime

When Lucy Leslie first tried yoga when she was 23, it didn’t “stick.” The second time she tried when she was 30, she left after her back pain she was going for stopped. For Lucy, it took a third time around when she was 34 and pregnant for yoga to finally become a major part of her life.

“When I had the baby in me, I wanted to take care of myself because I wanted to take care of the baby,” Lucy said. “Yoga was teaching me that I was important.”

Lucy continued her practice up until the very day of the birth and she credits her practice with making the birth of her son a smooth process.

“It was a brilliant birth. The good people who taught me did more than physical yoga. They told me that my body could do this.”

Six months after her son was born, Lucy’s husband asked when she was going back to work. Lucy couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her son with anyone else or going back to a desk, so she decided to do what she loved full-time: teach yoga.

“It was a ten-second decision. He seemed to be fine with it and I booked myself on the first course that came up on my Google search and that was it.”

Lucy’s journey took her from being one of only two yoga teachers in the area to opening her own studio after two years of teaching. Those two years took place in locations that would not be considered ideal.

“After two years of cold halls, dirty floors and rents that increased overnight, my beautiful husband said it was time to move up a stage.”

Lucy opened LooseYoga in March 2014, and when the moment came, she was ready. Lucy invested in MINDBODY when she was still a mobile instructor, so when she decided to open a studio, she already had the building blocks in place.

“I could see how much I was earning and what classes were popular.. It made my website look so much more professional and I was propelled from teaching as a bit of a pastime to respected teacher with well-attended classes and excellent feedback.”

But for Lucy, teaching others yoga is about more than just her business. She wants to teach others the lessons that yoga has taught her.

“I have learned so much about my nature and human nature, too. I am still surprised how competitive, comparing, insecure, stubborn and pushy I can be but yoga allows me to feel safe with less of the walls I felt I needed to survive before I found it. I can see my good stuff more. I love teaching so much. It’s really brought out my very best sides.”

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