A "Super" Business

It’s an exciting weekend for Denver, Colorado. As their home football team is gearing up to play in the big game on Sunday, one fan is gearing up for another busy week at her Pilates studio.

Ansley Watson owns Joie de Vivre Pilates in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver. Joie de Vivre is 1.7 miles from the football stadium, a perfect location for Ansley.

“I’ve been in the same location for eight years,” Ansley said. “The location has totally changed since then. There was only one retail shop in the entire neighborhood and now it’s a great spot with restaurants and wonderful retail spaces.”

As a native to Denver, Ansley has always loved her city. When she decided to open her business, she realized that Pilates wasn’t something many people understood in her city.

“A lot of people think its yoga, but over the last couple of years in Denver, it’s become a lot more prevalent. I’m starting to see all ages and abilities doing Pilates.”

As for Sunday, Ansley will be locking up Joie de Vivre and heading home to watch the game.

“I’ll be watching the game with my husband. It’s really exciting that they’ve revitalized the team when they brought on Peyton Manning.”

And just like Manning revitalized the Broncos, Ansley helps her clients recover from injuries and recover lost strength.

“Pilates is great for rehab. I decided to open a Pilates studio because I loved it and it helped me with my own rehab.”

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