3x30 Yoga: Adding to the Membership Experience

Mark, Jordan and Ryan Thimmig decided to use MINDBODY software to manage all business aspects of 3x30 Yoga, their yoga studio in Costa Mesa, California. While they love MINDBODY, they also recognize the value that add-on services like key tags, gift cards, and a custom mobile app can create.

“Key tags and gift cards are an important aspect of offering more of a membership experience for our clients and a personal reminder of the philosophy we teach,” The Thimmings said.

The Thimmings know that members are proud of their practice and that they express this by carrying a custom key tag and share it by gifting a custom gift card.

“By giving someone a gift card from 3x30Yoga you are not just giving you are sharing…the value of the card goes far beyond the dollar amount-- you can feel confident that you are gifting that special person a valuable and feel-good experience.”

The Thimmigs understand the importance of remaining relevant in today’s on-the-go, technology-focused world. 3x30 Yoga has its own custom mobile app, created by ZeitConnect. The app integrates with MINDBODY to keep their clients up to date.

“Our clients can download the app completely free from the app store anywhere and check class times, which are automatically updated in the event of teacher cancellations or other unforeseeable events so we don't have upset people showing up to cancelled classes.”

3x30 Yoga Studio has found a way to make key tags, gift cards, and their mobile app not only help their business, but also enhance their clients’ experience.