What Does Premium Support Mean?

I often find myself talking to business owners who know they're on the verge of something big. They're switching software, opening a new location, or changing their business model. They have a lot of questions running through their minds about the changes that they're facing, including wondering how their staff will be trained, how can they make sure changes won't cause long-term problems, and how can they pull it off without causing a headache for themselves or their customers.

This is where Premium Support comes in. As a Premium Account Coordinator (PAC), my focus is making software solutions that work ideally with my clients' business, and managing those solutions long-term to ensure that their MINDBODY experience is smooth. Because I work long-term with my clients, I get to learn how their business functions, and this knowledge allows me to tailor my implementation and support choices with more depth and strategy. If they're expanding, I can advise on scalability, create template sites to quickly and easily roll out to future locations, and write training documentation to supplement their own in-house training. If the business is changing, I can ensure those changes won't cause long-term problems with daily operations or reporting.

All of these things define what it means to have premium support: It means knowing you have a dedicated representative in MINDBODY, someone who knows your business and helps your software keep up as it changes and grows. If this sounds like something you need, let us know! Send us an email over to premiumsupport@mindbodyonline.com and we'll be happy to talk with you about how we can help your business work best with MINDBODY.