Use Medical Codes in MINDBODY

We’re big on holistic healthcare at MINDBODY, and we like to keep the needs of our alternative medicine practitioners in mind. We just created a feature that’s designed to make billing insurance easier. It lets you track patient diagnoses and the treatments you provide using ICD codes and CPT codes, respectively.

Just add CPT codes to your appointment types, and then assign ICD codes to individual client appointments. The ICD codes stick to patient records permanently. And both codes show up, when applicable, on invoices and balance statements.

How do insurance companies use these codes?
Insurance companies use both ICD and CPT codes to evaluate claims. They match up the codes to make sure that the service provided is an accepted treatment for the patient’s condition.

Keeping accurate ICD and CPT code records puts you one step ahead of the crowd, and closer to reconciling medical claims.

How would I use medical codes in my site?
Let’s say you run an integrative wellness center. One of your patients, Sonya, has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. You feel that acupuncture would help, and you decide to book a 30-minute initial appointment for her.

Sonya’s insurance will pay for the visit, but you’ll need to submit a claim. To make the process easier, you plan to tie ICD and CPT codes to the appointment record.

Your first step is to add CPT codes to the appointment types in your site—try to do this ahead of time. Just use the American Medical Association’s code guide, or another resource, to find the correct codes for the appointment services you offer. Then, log in to MINDBODY, and add these codes to the correct appointment types.

The next step is to book Sonya’s appointment. Click on the appointment schedule, and fill in the appointment details as you normally would. Before you book the appointment, add an ICD code to track Sonya’s diagnosis.

If you’ve already added an ICD code library to your system, you can search for the right code and select it in the appointment sidebar. If not, just click inside the ICD code search bar, select Add new ICD code, and enter the correct code. It will be added to the appointment automatically, and it will be stored in your site for the future.

Click Book to put the appointment on the schedule, and you’re all set!

When Sonya comes in and checks out for her appointment, you can bill the service to her account, or select her insurance company as a third-party payer. After the appointment, the ICD code will be recorded in her client profile. This means that you can look Sonya up, and check on her diagnoses anytime.

Best of all, both codes will appear automatically when you create a balance statement or an invoice for Sonya—or her insurance company.

Want to use this feature? It’s free!
If you don’t see the medical codes feature in your MINDBODY site, please give us a call at (877)755-4279 or click here to start a live chat session. One of our Technical Support Specialists will be happy to turn on ICD and CPT code tracking in your site!