Train More Clients With Trainerize

As one of MINDBODY's business partners, Trainerize allows MINDBODY clients to expand the performance of their software. This blog post from Farhad at Trainerize tells you what Trainerize can do to grow your business.

Whether you’re a fitness studio, gym, or small business personal trainer, you’re always looking to train more clients. The number of hours in the day (or even the price of training) limits the number of sessions clients can have with you each month. Listening to these problems from fitness professionals around the globe led us to build a platform that allows trainers to complement in-person training with online training.

Trainerize is the #1 training platform for fitness professionals. It allows trainers to scale their training business through the addition of online training. Clients today are looking for flexible training options, and by adding online training to your services you can tap into a larger market of clients and also train your existing ones more often. Trainerize is the platform to help you succeed in delivering online training through our apps, tracking tools, mobile apps, messaging features, and unlimited expandability through add-ons.  Our MINDBODY add-on allows you to seamlessly pull all of your current MINDBODY clients into Trainerize.  With this partnership, you can truly manage your business and train clients in the cloud.

And if a training app synced with your MINDBODY account wasn’t enough, Trainerize also gives you a strong online presence by allowing you to market your services with a customizable website and social media tie-ins.

Managing your training business, delivering online training, and marketing your services has never been easier. Try Trainerize free, and make sure to sync your MINDBODY account.