The New Dashboard and MINDBODY Analytics

Cheers to the New Year and to new features in your MINDBODY Site! We're very pleased to announce an improved dashboard, featuring the all-new MINDBODY Analytics: a dynamic display of the most relevant graphs and performance metrics to help you monitor your business by the numbers.

Rethinking the dashboard.

The dashboard combines several administrative tasks into one simple tab, customized to suit each staff login.

Hourly staff members can clock in and out using the time clock feature.

The dashboard features a “Tasks” window that allows staff members to schedule their own to-dos. Tasks can also be assigned from one employee to another.

Nearly every report in your system has an icon at the top titled "Save Report." Once clicked, the system looks at your login, remembers the filters you used for the report, and saves a new link inside your dashboard with the saved report's name. It's ideal for reports that you run more than others (e.g., payroll reports, sales reports, etc.). By default, the Dash will display “My Payroll” and “My Schedule at a Glance.” These two reports are filtered to display payroll or schedule information for the current day, based on the staff member logged in.

Keep your staff accountable with contact log follow-ups. When your staff members visit the dashboard, they can quickly review upcoming and overdue follow-ups. From the dashboard you can click each entry to view the contact log, or hover over it to view the details. You can also mark the follow-up as complete.

Every so often, MINDBODY will have something important to tell you. In order to make sure we're getting the message across, we've created a notifications section to share information with you through your MINDBODY Site. You'll notice a red circle containing the number of new notifications available on your Dash. Once you click on the dashboard tab, this red indicator will go away.

Rethinking the numbers behind your business.

MINDBODY Analytics presents the numbers driving your business in a visual way.

Beyond the graphs and charts available in the analytics overview, MINDBODY Premium Analytics provides even deeper insight. You can analyze high-performing sales, spot trends in lead generation and retention, and monitor areas of your business that need improvement—all with the aid of clear, colorful graphs that will instantly make your data visual and actionable. Visit our website for more details.