Simple Ways to Tidy Up Your Site

By taking a few minutes to tidy and tighten up your site, you’ll create a more pleasant experience for your customers and a more efficient experience for you and your staff. Try one, a few, or all of these tips to spruce up your site.

  1. Set up your security questions
  2. There’s no easier way to put a dent in your daily flow than to forget your password and have to get in touch with our Administrative Team for a reset. As much as we love to hear from you, the time it takes to reset your password can be cut to nearly nil if you establish security questions on your My Account Info page.

  3. Deactivate old service categories, pricing options, promotions, and gift cards
  4. Eliminate time spent scrolling through expired promotions, old gift card types, and no-longer-offered services, and impress clients as you zip through their booking and checkout processes.

  5. Check your service names and descriptions
  6. Both Consumer Mode and MINDBODY Connect make the booking and purchasing experience for your clients virtually effortless. However, it’s important to remember that not all customers are hip to your industry’s lingo. When they are booking on their own, they may not know that “HL - part” means partial highlight, or understand the differences between partial and full, or highlights and lowlights. Help your customers out by avoiding abbreviations and jargon, fixing typos, and utilizing the description fields for your services.

  7. Tailor your tabs for easy navigating
  8. The Tab Management feature allows you to organize your services and screens for you and your staff, as well as present what you’re offering more clearly in Consumer Mode.

    Add, name, and display your tabs in a way that will make it easier for customers to book and purchase what they want more quickly and more often.

  9. Cut the clones—merge duplicate clients
  10. Multiple accounts for the same client can clutter your site, skew reports, and create confusion. Running the Merge Duplicate Clients tool will help you find and combine those accounts quickly.

  11. Organize your client database with indexes
  12. Client indexes create a means for you to easily search, tag, generate mailing lists and run reports for specific groups of clients. You can create and assign indexes to categorize clients however you’d like, from stylist preference to yoga skill level, or number of kids to age range.  Note: Client indexing is available for Pro and Accelerate subscribers. Learn more

  13. Eliminate guesswork by rebooking appointments
  14. Using the Rebook a Past Visit feature is the quickest and easiest way to book “the usual” for a client. Whether you’re booking or prebooking an appointment, you’ll see a list of the client’s most recent completed appointments, and can drag and drop those onto the calendar to secure their next visit.

    Get even more out of this workflow by enabling the Appointment Checkout Review, which allows you to add services to the client’s current appointment and prebook the client’s next appointment before completing checkout.

  15. Show off your site with customized links and shortcuts
  16. You can generate links to specific pages, services and products in your MINDBODY site in both Business Mode and Consumer Mode. Use the shortcuts to save your staff time, and create links to direct clients exactly where you want them to go.