New and Improved: Discover Reports

We're ditching the menu and introducing a brand new section for your MINDBODY Reports. Find things faster with a search bar, pick your favorite reports for quick access, and tell us how you really feel about our updates. Read on to see what's changing. 

1. Play favorites

We take pride in all of the reports available in your site, but we know that you probably rely on an arsenal of four to five reports to power your reporting process. We added a "favorites" feature to your reports so you can quickly access your most-used reports and customize the Favorites tab on the new screen.

To make a report one of your favorites, hit the star beside the report's name or select the Add to Favorites button at the top of the report itself. Choose as many as you want; your site will alphabetize them and save favorites specific to your login. 

2. Search party

Know what you want, but not where to find it? Find reports faster with the new search bar. Just type some or all of the name of the report you need into the field at the top right, hit Search, and get on your way. 

3. New tabs and filters

With this update, we decided to group your reports together using a couple levels of organization. The tabs and filters we've implemented should help you discover new reports that can suit the unique needs of your business. First, we grouped the reports into general categories, like Sales, Staff, and Inventory; then further into functions, like Administrative, Marketing, and Analysis. 

Follow the breadcrumbs
We encourage you to explore the new reports section, but we want to make sure you know your way back.

At the top of every report, you'll now see a trail of "breadcrumbs," which is a term used to describe the path you took to get someplace in the site. Just click on a breadcrumb to return to that page. 

Rate this update

Check out these changes and let us know what you think. Hit Rate this page and speak your mind. Our primary goal is to please you, so we'd really like to hear how we're doing.