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Let the MINDBODY App Work For You

With millions of users, the MINDBODY app offers a lot of exposure, and we want to help you take advantage of it. You'll want to make sure your site is optimized so that it's easy for customers to book, buy and interact with your business through the app.

First things first, though—make sure your business is set up to display in the app and check your geolocation so that customers have no trouble finding you.

Next, let the MINDBODY app work for you. Here are three things customers can do on the app (and how you can make it easier for them):

  • Browse, book and buy
  • When customers visit your business profile, you want your services to be front and center. To display your services in the app, you’ll need to enable online booking in your MINDBODY site. Next, make sure that all of your class, event and appointment descriptions, as well as your staff bios, are complete, accurate and up to date. Customers—especially app-savvy ones—like to do research before committing, so the more quality information you have listed, the better.

    For your existing clients, the MINDBODY app gives them an easier way to check and manage their schedules—it's the most popular feature in the app. When your clients use the MINDBODY app to book services, they can choose to automatically sync their personal calendars, reducing the chance of no-shows. Additionally, your clients can cancel and reschedule right from the app, so that it opens up a spot for someone else.

  • Purchase and redeem gift cards
  • We’ve gleaned some insight on gift card purchasing around holidays, but regardless of the time of year, selling gift cards can really boost your revenue. Make it easy for customers to purchase gift cards from anywhere, at any time, by offering them in the app. Just set up a prepaid gift card, check the “sell online” box, and it will display in the MINDBODY app on your business profile. Customers can redeem gift cards in the app, too, or make a split payment using a gift card and another payment method.

  • Get deals

    Special offers drive customers to your door, and the MINDBODY app provides an effortless way for you to market them. Your deals will automatically display on your business profile in the app, and customers simply tap on a deal to purchase it. You can display up to five deals on your business profile, which pull from the introductory offers set up in your MINDBODY site. But don’t worry—you have the option to sell them to both new and existing customers. Learn more about setting up introductory offers

With just a little bit of planning, you can offer a better experience for customers booking and buying with you through the app. You work hard on your business every day; it’s time to let the MINDBODY app do a little work for you.

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