Know My Business

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. With MINDBODY technology, you have thousands of dynamic features at your fingertips, but we realize that our solution is only as strong as the foundation it's built on. That’s why we’re excited this week to announce some noteworthy changes to your MINDBODY Site: We've slimmed down the site setup process and spruced up service and staff management. Welcome to My Business.

We created My Business to keep your business organized.
Tell your system what your business model looks like, and revisit this screen to change the way you run things. Just click the gear underneath your business's logo to get started.

Service Categories
Formerly known as "Programs," there are four types of services that can be scheduled and tracked in MINDBODY. Breaking your business model into these four areas will help you get the most out of your software.

• Appointments: A staff member offers his or her service to one or more clients, during a time slot that's determined by those involved.
• Arrivals: Clients have access to your business, without having to schedule service(s) in advance (e.g., open gym).
• Classes: One to two staff members offer service to multiple clients at once, usually at a regularly scheduled date and time. Clients can drop into these services without committing to multiple classes at once.
• Enrollments: One or two staff members offer service to multiple clients at once, with defined start and end dates. For enrollments, clients are encouraged to enroll in all sessions associated with the service (e.g., 3-day introductory workshops).

You most likely set these up when you first started using MINDBODY, but check the list of your service offerings on the My Business Screen to see what's changed.

Pricing Options
Out with "series" and in with "pricing options." We've changed the way you tell your MINDBODY Site how to charge customers for services rendered. Before this release you'd add a series to take care of payment, but now you can add pricing options directly to your service categories in the My Business workflow.

Pricing options will vary depending on how your service categories are configured. For example, if you use the Membership feature, then you'll have the opportunity to connect a pricing option with a specific membership type; if you use the Contracts feature, then you'll have the opportunity to tie a pricing option into a specific contract.

Managing Schedules
Next time you want to schedule a class or an enrollment, you'll notice we've given the scheduling screen a major facelift. We've broken the process into a numbered workflow that's simple to understand; you can even add new staff members and create more resources while you're at it. Check out some of the highlights below.

Staff Management
Last but not least, we cleaned up the Staff Management Screen as well. Choose Staff from the My Business Screen and you'll find a handy list of your staff members. The list will narrow as you enter characters into the search bar.