Keep More Clients with Targeted Emails

When it comes to email marketing, less is more. That is to say, sending a targeted email to less people is usually more effective than sending a general email to your entire contact list. In fact, Jupiter Research concludes that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

Think about it—your clients are diverse. A mother of three will have different goals and habits than a college freshman. Just as someone who has been loyal to your business for years may have different expectations than someone who just discovered you through an intro offer on the MINDBODY app.

Your messages should be targeted and relevant to specific groups. That way, people will feel as though you understand what they want, which will encourage them to return to your business. Conversely, if you send general email blasts (i.e., an announcement for a back-to-school discount for students), some people may feel alienated and could start to tune you out.

Use the Client Index tool in your software to group people based on similar characteristics. First, set up the index you’d like to segment your clients by. For example, you could create a “Visit Time” index to tag people based on when they typically visit your business. Next, add the client index values that you’ll assign to each person: Morning, Afternoon or Evening. You can assign client indexes to each client from their Profile.

Time Saver: To assign a bunch of clients to the same index at once, use the Modify Tagged Clients tool.

Then, use your Constant Contact Integration to turn these groups into targeted email lists. Let’s stick with the “Visit Time” example. If you add a new 07:00 PM class to your schedule, you’ll be able to target those “Evening” people, who are most likely to sign up and try it out. Email this group to announce the new class, and include a link to buy a pricing option from your Online Store.

Get creative with your indexes. You could create a client index to indicate who’s a parent, and then send Mother’s and Father’s Days promotions. Or target the people who spend the most money on your products so that you can email them when you get new inventory.

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