How Mobile-Friendly Is Your Business?

Have you considered your business strategy for today’s mobile consumer? According to a study conducted by Flurry, American adults spend more time on their mobile devices than watching television. Since the amount of time we spend on mobile devices will only continue to grow, this opens up huge marketing opportunities for businesses both large and small. Between iPads, iPhones and Android devices, smartphones are overtaking your customer’s time and resources. How can you join this mobile revolution? We have some options to help your business meet today’s mobile demands.

Engage by MINDBODY

Engage by MINDBODY is a fully tailored mobile app that allows you, as the business owner, to communicate with your clients at a more personal and intimate level. With Engage by MINDBODY, we build an app that embodies your business’s essence–we use your logo, your colors and your schedules. Here’s an example of one business’s beautiful app.

Engage by MINDBODY apps integrate with your existing software in real time and allow your clients to schedule and check in to classes, as well as receive promos and “we miss you” notifications. A branded app gives you an amazing opportunity to evangelize your brand. If you are having trouble filling your afternoon, send out a promo and fill your schedule for the day.

Managing the marketing tools within your branded app can yield some serious dividends. With Engage by MINDBODY, your clients can turn their smartphone into a digital key tag; this, and the geo-fencing technology built into the app, allows your clients to check in using their phone. The geo-fencing technology will prompt your clients to check in when they come within 50 feet of your business. This app allows your clients to easily stay in touch with your business on the go. There is even a What’s Hot tab that allows you to keep your clients updated with new promos, new instructors, new classes, etc. (Some clients even post meal plans and nutritional documents.) Engage by MINDBODY is the perfect way to propel your business into the mobile era.