Filling Low Impact Classes with Big Impact Marketing

A Class at Elevate Training

At Elevate Training, giving everyone who walks through the doors a challenging workout, regardless of fitness level, is a top priority. Students at the studio’s two San Diego locations are a mix of locals and tourists, seasoned pros and first-timers—all sweating together in a 40-minute Lagree Method session.

Classes at Elevate are low-impact and easily adapted for all students so anyone can jump right in. This also means Elevate is constantly seeking new members. To stretch their marketing efforts further, they take full advantage of tools to find and retain new customers, including social media, Yelp, discount subscription services, and, most recently, MINDBODY dynamic pricing.

"We love the ability to control our base and max prices."

With dynamic pricing, Elevate sets a price range for available spots in each class. For example, a popular class starting soon with limited space will cost more than an empty class later in the week. And because Elevate is able to set their minimum and maximum price to change based on the number of spots available in class, studio manager Bekah Klein knows that her members are still getting the best price.

“As a business, membership is our main goal,” Bekah explained. “We love the ability to control our base and max prices—without ever feeling like we’re undercutting our members.”

Since dynamically priced classes appear in the MINDBODY app, it’s another way for the studio to attract new customers—especially in tourist-friendly San Diego. Paired with MINDBODY’s robust reporting functionality, Elevate owner Sally Hood can easily see which of her drop-ins are just visiting, and which they have an opportunity to bring back into the studio.

“Sometimes we’ll do a MINDBODY report that says we’re having a retention issue,” Sally explained. “Then we go through and break it apart to see who we should be focusing on and who’s coming in from a third-party instead of a direct client.”

By pairing MINDBODY reporting with dynamic pricing, Elevate is able to market efficiently, knowing that they’ll be able to welcome anyone who comes to their studio, and give them the appropriate follow-up.

“There are some people who like to stick with dynamic pricing,” Sally said. “We are always wanting to bring people as members, but they are not always ready. Dynamic pricing has been a good solution for that.”

Dynamic pricing can help you attract new members.

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