Tools for Measuring Client Retention

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It’s no secret that some seasons bring an influx of clients and a boom in business. But how do you keep that momentum going, even after the boom fades? There’s no better way to create a profitable and long-lasting future for your business than to focus on your customers’ behaviors.

The first step is to be aware of current performance—retention reports within MINDBODY can help shed light on your revenue, churn rates and more.

Revenue Analysis

  • MINDBODY Express Business Snapshot (available for iOS and Android): Get a quick pulse check and see six various revenue metrics from within the Express app. You can control what data is shown by changing the date range.
  • Dashboard Analytics: Your dashboard is similar to the Business Snapshot in Express, but a more detailed view. See information in various graph and chart forms, with a broad range of available filters. For example: month-to-month, year-over-year, cash vs. accrual and Engage app sales.

Marketing, Pricing and Staff

  • Client Acquisition Dashboard - Intro Offer Statistics: This dashboard gives a shorter date range than the reports offered below, but provides specific analysis for MINDBODY app intro offers. This tells you which offers attracted new clients and when those new clients returned.
  • Retention Report: Generate a list, broken down by new clients and regular attendees, showing retention trends across a chosen date range. This is a great tracking tool to view the success of marketing campaigns and see which staff members received the most return clients.
  • No Return Report: You can filter to check retention rates for specific pricing options and marketing campaigns, as well as engage this list of clients to re-attract them to your business. This is great for long-term research of intro offers, or those not promoted in the MINDBODY app.
  • Last Visit Report: Use this as a complement to the Retention and No Return report. It helps gauge how frequently clients return after their initial visit. You can use the filters to identify valued, high-traffic clients or those who haven’t returned for some time. Frequent visitors can be tagged and used in other reports to help illuminate trends, such as popular membership types and common client indexes. 
  • Retention Management Report: Get demographic and visit information in one easily exportable format. It will only return results for clients with memberships, but it provides information like birthday, gender, how long they’ve been a member at your business, date of last visit, how many visits year-to-date over the past 30, 90, and 365 days and more. Running analytics on the information provided within Excel can provide great insight into retention. Alternatively, you can export this information and send it to a third-party company called Retention Management for additional analysis.

Accelerate and Ultimate Level Tools

  • Retention Marketing Dashboard: The "Just checking in" email is automatically sent to clients who have not visited your business in a certain amount of time. For an even more personalized touch, you can add your business email as a CC to the auto email, and reach out to the client whenever you see that a "Just Checking In" email has been sent.

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