CrossFit NOLA Weighs In On MINDBODY Express

“The real journey was getting there,” says Jeff Germond, owner of CrossFit NOLA, about his experience participating in the Games last year. This year, however, Jeff’s a little too busy with his burgeoning business, which has grown to four locations in the New Orleans area.

Jeff and his coaches have had an exciting journey with MINDBODY as well. They’ve been using the software since 2010, and are currently taking advantage of totalWOD with MINDBODY, a feature that integrates WOD tracking with your MINDBODY site. The most important component for Jeff, though, is the MINDBODY Express™ app. All of the coaches at CrossFit NOLA have the app on their phones, and this helps run things smoothly, even when there are changes at the last minute. Jeff took some time out of his morning to chat with us about his gym and his journey.

Can you tell us a little bit about how your business has changed?
As it has grown, numbers have become more important. I’ve found it necessary to keep track of more reports and trends each year, and to make sure our numbers are accurate.

And does MINDBODY help you with these numbers?
Yes, especially the MINDBODY Express app, and especially with attendance tracking. We can quickly sign people in from our phones or tablets right before class. We update class rosters, add and cancel people from classes, and the app tracks it all. It also gives us an accurate feel for attendance over the course of the month. This is really important: we can see which classes are always full, how often people are coming in, so we can judge if we need an additional class or instructor, or if we’re edging towards the capacity of a facility.

What’s another feature that has helped you as you’ve grown?
The Client Profiles are great. Every so often we’ll get on a kick and try to get everyone’s picture in there. It makes it easier on the coaches; they don’t always know everybody, but the profile photos help familiarize them with who’s who, and make sign-in more seamless.

Does MINDBODY Express help with scheduling?
Totally. If I don’t know what I have coming up in my day, it’s easy to see what’s on my calendar. Or if I’m not sure if someone’s out of town, I’ll check to see if they’re on the schedule, and if they are, I’ll quickly text them and say, “Hey, you’re on the schedule. I want to make sure you’re going to be there.” It’s a way for me to see everything, and be prepared for everything, all from my phone.

Do you use the MINDBODY Express for retail?
Always. The app keeps track of frequent purchases, so when selling a common item, it’s just one click. Most of the discounts we have set up are automatically applied, and if they’re not, it’s not hard to apply one. Then you just swipe the card and have clients sign on the phone. We don’t even use the computer anymore. It’s just slower—and in our business, time is really a premium. With MINDBODY Express, we can complete a checkout in usually less than a minute. The app saves us time every single day.

That’s great! What would you tell other gyms thinking about using MINDBODY?
I’d say that sure, there are other business management software options out there, but they don’t have all of the pieces. They either don’t keep track of employee hours, or don’t have reports or a point of sale on the app. There’s always something missing that I don’t want to be without. I haven’t seen another management platform that puts your entire client database, point of sale and a host of other features at your fingertips. I wouldn’t want to take it out of my coaches’ hands. It works too well.