Appointments Made Easy

Managing schedules for staff is hard already, but staying flexible enough to accommodate the busy lives of your clientele makes running the front desk as tough as unicycling with your eyes closed.

MINDBODY built the appointment schedule to let your business run like a well-oiled machine. We know that your doors stay open as long as your books stay full, and we’re here to provide a tool that simplifies and automates as much of the work as possible.  

The Sidebar

Do your clients ever call in knowing exactly what they want, at an exact time, and on an exact day? We know that’s pretty rare, but when they do, we know it’s still challenging to coordinate your clients' preferences with your staff’s availability. That’s why the sidebar on the appointment schedule has quickly become the most important resource in the software.

When a regular calls in, you can find their favorite staff member on the schedule, click an available timeslot, and the sidebar will help you start gathering the who, what, where, and when. Begin typing the client’s name and choose a match from the menu below, or add a brand new client on the fly. Choose a service, find a time, customize length, and get on with business.

Recurring and multiple

For clients who schedule recurring services, choose the link at the bottom of the sidebar to book all of the sessions at once. For those who need to book multiple appointments, choose the link to add another appointment and repeat the booking process. Pending appointments will display at the bottom of the sidebar until you’re ready to schedule; this comes in handy when you’re booking clients for a full-day visit to your business (e.g., Spa Day!).

Travel through time

When booking services well into the future, it’s helpful to have some context (e.g., to know what day of the week the 17th of January, 2014 actually falls on). The dual calendars at the top of the sidebar help you do just that. By default you’ll see the current and upcoming calendar months, but you can fast-forward by using the arrows in the corners or by choosing a different month from the menu.

Something came up

Three words that turn a tidy, full schedule into a piece-meal quilt. The sidebar makes rescheduling simple; just click on one of the appointment blocks that need to be rescheduled and choose Reschedule from the action menu. Like magic, the sidebar turns into a clipboard containing all of the same-day sessions booked for your client. From here you can scroll through the schedule to find a new date, time, or staff member, then drag the appointments from the clipboard to make the change.

Overnight success
Even after you’ve shut down the lights and locked the doors, your MINDBODY site will keep the appointment books open for reservations. Our online scheduling platform gives your clients the freedom to book appointments on their own, at any time. When Mrs. Jones wakes up abruptly in the middle of the night realizing she forgot to book Susie’s updo for Prom this weekend, she can rest easy after scheduling (or requesting) an appointment online.

These features and more make MINDBODY’s appointment schedule simple and straightforward. Check out what else MINDBODY has to offer. Already a client? Visit the Help Suite to discover new features.

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