3 Scheduling Shortcuts: Manage a Holiday from Your Phone

It’s time for Labor Day, the American send-off for summer, complete with its glorious traditions of cold beers, hot grills, fading tans and flip flops.

How does your business handle a holiday? Will you seize the day, close your doors and kick back? Or conversely, will you seize the clients and give them more time to enjoy your business during their day off? Either way, you’ll likely need to adjust your calendar. Luckily, you can prepare for your holiday from the palm of your hand. From cancelling classes to managing appointment schedules—do it all with just a few taps on the MINDBODY Express® app.

Class cancellation

Whether you’re locking up shop for the entire day, or just cutting the afternoon short to let your staff get to their backyard BBQ, you can cancel one or all of your classes right from your phone. Open your MINDBODY Express app and tap on the class you want to cancel. On the Class Sign-In screen, tap the More icon on the right.

Select Cancel Class from the popup menu, and then choose if you want to show the cancelled class on your schedule or not. Use the toggles to email the teacher and the registered clients, and then tap Complete Cancellation.

Teacher substitutions

It wouldn’t be a holiday without having to shuffle your staff around. To substitute a teacher for a class, use the More icon once again, and then select Substitute Teacher. Choose a staff member from the list, or use the search field. Once the teacher is selected, toggle whether you’d like to notify the teachers (both the original teacher and the substitute) or email the clients registered in the class. Tap Substitute Teacher to complete the task.  You’ll see the change on your Class Sign-In screen and class schedule.

Staff availability

Depending on your business’ timetable for the day, you can adjust the appointment schedule by adding availability or unavailability. On the schedule screen, tap the desired time block, and then choose what you need to do: Add Availability or Add Unavailability.

On the next screen, confirm that you’re adjusting the correct staff member’s schedule, and then tap Single-day, which will open or block off the staff member’s schedule for the holiday only. If you’d like to make changes to the staff member’s availability from the holiday onward, use the Multi-day option. Edit the details, and when you’re done, tap Save.     

Regardless of how you celebrate the next holiday—be it working more, or working less—take care of your schedule with MINDBODY Express.