10 Things You Didn’t Know About the MINDBODY Community Forum

Our Community Forum is a great resource for sharing, learning, raising awareness and helping others. You can access our Community Forum at the top right of your MINDBODY software by clicking on Help > Community Forum, or clicking here.

It’s a place for questions and answers, but it’s much more than that. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about our Community Forum:

  1. Only MINDBODY clients have access to this great resource. Our Community Forum is designed to allow MINDBODY clients to communicate with MINDBODY and with each other. Members must have a valid MINDBODY site and login in order to access the community. This design makes our forum an advantageous support tool.
  2. You can become a champion! A champion is a MINDBODY advocate. Champions provide constrictive feedback, as well as contribute valuable ideas. Our champions support other MINDBODY clients, build relationships with other businesses, and work with the Community Moderator to make sure the community is receiving the attention it needs. You can meet the current Community Champions here.
  3. You can learn what’s new in your software. We post software release announcements in the community, so you know what is new. These announcements are at the top of the home page when you log in to the community. If you’d like an email notification when we release software updates, you can follow our release announcement page here. You can see an example of a release announcement here.
  4. You can post release feedback for our development team to view. Do you have feedback on a new release and want to share it with MINDBODY? Not only can you share your own feedback, but other clients can add their two cents to the topic, too. You can also add your thoughts to the feedback other clients have posted.
  5. You can offer praise. Did you have a great experience with a MINDBODY representative or another community member? Did you love a feature we recently released? Share it with us. We love to hear positive feedback and share it with the entire company. These posts make us smile, so be sure to share the love.
  6. You can get answers to your questions. Our Community Forum is a resource that has the answers to thousands of questions. The search results will show you matching community threads and content from our Help Suite, so you’re essentially getting two search engines in one. If none of the threads match your question, you can easily post a new thread.
  7. You can share your feature requests. Have a great idea you’d like to see implemented in MINDBODY? Chances are someone else does, too. Search through our feature requests and vote for the ones you would like to see implemented. If you can’t find an existing thread with your idea, post a new one. Here is an example of a request that was implemented from the community.
  8. You can ask other clients what they do. Have a question about running a business? Ask other community members questions about business management best practices and other topics.
  9. You can directly engage with MINDBODY and other clients. We regularly post questions and content designed to get our community to engage with each other. Our content varies from questions designed for you to meet other business owners to sharing important milestones in your business. We also discuss how you manage your business, giving you an opportunity to share and learn from others.
  10. We hold contests and events. We occasionally hold contests and events in the community. An example of a past contest is a hunt for a new auto-email. The winner was the Teacher Sub Notification which has since been implemented. Here is the release announcement for that feature.

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