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Watch Tyron Woodley in UFC 171

On March 15 at 10 pm ET, Tyron Woodley, MINDBODY client and MMA fighter, will take on Carlos Condit at UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas. We invite all members of the MINDBODY community of clients to join us in supporting Tyron in his bout. Not sure how MMA fighting works? We asked Tyron some of his tips for understanding the way the fight will work on Saturday night.

1. Fighters are divided into classes based on their weight.

Tryon is in the welterweight class, which is 156-170 pounds.

2. Fighters are ranked based on their performances and the person they beat.

Tyron is currently ranked 11th and Carlos Condit is currently ranked 2nd. If Tyron beats Condit, his ranking will go up.

3. Fights are organized by a matchmaker

The matchmaker makes the opponents based on several things, including fighting style, rank, and if it would be an exciting fight for the fans. Sometimes the fighters themselves have input into their fights.

“We can lobby for certain matchups that we as a fighter would love to fight, but there is no guarantee you will be awarded that specific fight.”

Tyron was matched with Carlos Condit after the fighter who was originally offered the spot turned it down, a position he lobbied matchmaker Dana White for.

4. The fight on Saturday will have three rounds of five minutes

For marquis fights and championship bouts, there are two more rounds for a total of five.

5. There are several ways for a fighter to win

Fighters win by forcing opponents to submit, a Technical Knockout (TKO), which means landing enough strikes that the referee sees the opponent is in danger or by knockout, where the opponent temporarily loses consciousness. Fighters can also win by points, based on the judges’ discretion of the fight.

Want to watch UFC 171? You can watch the preliminary fights on Fox Sports 1, but for the main fights, including Woodley’s match, you’ll need to purchase Pay-Per-View.

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