MINDBODY's Top 10 Facebook Moments

Over the five years since MINDBODY launched its Facebook page, our page has been home to hijinks, heartwarming stories and milestones. Today, as we celebrate our 100,000th Facebook like, we’re counting down the top ten moments of the last five years, as told by our Facebook page.

10.) When we hit our first 1,000 Facebook fans.

In the four years since reaching this milestone, we've grown dramatically: Today, MINDBODY serves more than 500,000 practitioners in 100 countries.

9.) Our first client map

In May 2009, the footprint of our clients was much smaller than it is today. To see the size of the global MINDBODY community today, check this out.

8.) Our “Juice up Your Biz” Campaign

In 2010, we launched the Juice up Your Biz campaign, complete with oranges. (Orange is our signature color—plus, they're healthy and cheerful, like our clients!) We visited some of our clients with oranges in tow, and with each visit, learned more about what was important to our clients in different parts of the wellness and beauty industry.

7.) Office hijinks

MINDBODY has been recognized as one of Outside Magazine's Best Places to Work twice, adue in part to our commitment to fun at work. When we're not on the phone offering support to our clients, we're having fun with each other with themed dress days and back porch parties.

6.) Hanging out with Richard Simmons

In our adventures at tradeshows, we come across some amazing people. From Richard Simmons to members of the Real Housewives cast, we never know who we’ll meet at the next tradeshow. It’s one of our favorite things about going to over 50 shows a year, second to meeting our clients face-to-face.

5.) The MINDBODY “barbell” at the 2013 Games and IDEA World.

When we travel to tradeshows, we get to interact with thousands of people.. Last summer, we uppped the ante by designing this barbell as a conversation starter. One rep at a time, we learned more about what's important to the people our software serves.

4.) Breaking ground on our new San Luis Obispo headquarters building

More clients mean more tech support here at MINDBODY. In the fall of 2013, we broke ground for a new building at our San Luis Obispo headquarters that will house our growing technical support team beginning in 2015.

3.) Our first user conference: The BOLD MINDBODY Conference

This October, we're connecting our clients with industry leaders, other successful business owners and MINDBODY software developers in our first user conference. Attendees will be able to build a BOLD new network of accomplished industry professionals throughout this 2-day event in Santa Monica, California. Learn more here.

2.) Every time we do a customer site visit.

Across the globe, MINDBODY clients work hard to make the world a better place. Each time we visit a client, we loveto share their story on our Facebook page.

1.) The amazing things our clients accomplish every day.

At MINDBODY, we’re lucky to provide business management software to over 36,000 businesses in the wellness and beauty industry. Every day, we hear the amazing things each of our clients do and we’ve launched our MINDBODY BOLD campaign to celebrate their BOLD accomplishments.

Although each business owner is different, each has the same defining characteristic: they were bold enough to take the steps to achieve their dreams.