MINDBODY University: A Year in Review

As we look back at 2013, MINDBODY University has much to be thankful for. We carried out six events and reached more than 500 clients. We also held our 40th MINDBODY University since beginning in 2005. As our alumni network continues to grow stronger, we continue to hear how MINDBODY University has helped our clients and decided that to cap off our amazing year, we would share some of those stories.

“This is my 2nd MBU. Our revenue increased about 100% after the 1st. There is so much more we can improve. You guys are awesome. Thank you!”
Alastair Cooke, Yoga Santosha located in Calgary, Canada- MBU Marina del Rey

“I was sent here by the owner of the studio, I knew I would learn a lot, but I am also so motivated to go back and really make changes. I want to sign up for the next MBU ASAP. Thank you!”
Jessica Castro, Laughing Lotus located in New York - MBU New York (November)

“You cannot emerge from an MBU experience without pages of positive action steps you'll take to transform your business.”
Al Bingham, Encourage located in Cold Spring, New York- MBU New York (May)

“MINDBODY University is like an old friend who I meet three times a year to chat and get updates on how to run my business. MINDBODY actually is more than a friend. This has been a tough five year journey for me, four of which I have shared with MINDBODY. The truth be known, they give me more that I give them: Stability, friendship, knowledge (lots of it) and most of all to have fun while making money and not be ashamed of my bottom line. I love the staff, even the new additions, and I love the way you all love me back, keep me on my toes, and keep teaching me new stuff. Thanks guys, I love you all for that.”

Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts, Bikram Yoga Brighton, UK- CJ attends 4 MBUs per year.

Here are some highlights from the events of the year, captured in photos of the attendees:

“Yoga on the desks” Char Watson, De La Sol Yoga Studios- MBU New York November 2013

“Building a better business on the beach” Victoria Popoff, Studio V Fitness & Pilates- MBU Pismo Beach, California, April 2013

“Pole dancing on the flag pole” Leigh Ann Reilly, BeSpun- MBU Marina del Rey, California, September 2013

“My one-on-one with Beverley Murphy” Joachim Skibenes, Hot Bikram Yoga- MBU London June 2013

“Gimme an M... Gimme a B…Gimme a U…”  Marylee Bussard and Paula Florell, with a friend, Chaturanga Holistic Fitness- MBU Delray Beach, Florida, February 2013

“MBU is mind-blowing” Katie McClelland, De La Sol yoga Studios- MBU New York May 2013

In 2014, MBU will spread farther, with 8 events covering 3 continents. We are very pleased with the growth of our team, and hope these changes bring success to you in the new year.
If you would like more information on how to attend one of the future MBU events, please visit the MINDBODY website: www.mindbodyonline.com/university or contact us directly at 877-847-4504.

2014 MBU Events:
January 14-16 Sydney, Australia
February 25-27 Delray Beach, FL USA
April 15-18 Pismo Beach, CA USA
May 13-15 New York, NY USA
June 24-26 Chicago, IL USA
MBU London TBD
MBU Southern CA TBD
MBU New York, NY TBD