MINDBODY: More Than Scheduling

At MINDBODY, we do more than create appointment scheduling software. We love celebrating the achievements of our clients and sharing them with the world. One of our clients, b2be Sports & Wellness was recently featured in Street Fight Magazine for its use of MINDBODY and its technology partners.

b2be was featured for its use of MINDBODY's technology affiliate Perkville to recruit referrals from its current clients by rewarding them with loyalty points. Since implementing the program, b2be has gained one to two new referrals per day and allowed the business to onboard 70% of its 1,600 members.

Those big numbers didn't just happen overnight. b2be made use of both Facebook and another of MINDBODY's technology partner, Constant Contact, to make sure the news of the referral program reached the eyes and ears of its clients.




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