MINDBODY Hosts a 24-Hour Hackathon

MINDBODY invited 40 student developers and 10 designers from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to spend 24 hours in our offices and build apps that showcased their interests.

The students built apps for Android, the web, and iOS systems. Some ideas the students produced included an app called SloMo that would allow San Luis Obispo residents to get greater detail about the many farmer’s markets the county has and Going the Distance, an app that would give you a playlist from your phone’s library that would perfectly match the amount of time you’d like to run.

Daniel, a sophomore at Cal Poly, was part of the group that designed FitBros, an Android app that allows trainers and trainees to find each other based on their schedules.

“Basically you put in your schedule and the app would find people with that same schedule and availability,” Daniel said.

The hackathon at MINDBODY was Daniel’s first and he enjoyed it—and MINDBODY’s new development offices.  Although the hackathon started at 5 pm on Friday night, the supply of Red Bull and donuts kept Daniel and his teammates going through the night and next day.

“There’s a lot of hospitality here,” Daniel said. “It’s awesome.”

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